Antique and Unusual Jewelry Storage Solutions for all your Safe Keeping Rituals- First Edition

Introducing my first edition of unique storage solutions.

Taking care of your jewelry is part of the ritual! Let's make it extra special with these one of a kind antique vessels.

1. Brass Jewelry Box with Serpent Legs- I've never seen anything quite like this one...

2. Tiny Trinket Cloisonne Box - Tiny box for tiny treasures. Gosh who doesn't make a tiny squeal when they see something so small?

3. Antique Bridal Jewelry Casket - This style is one of my favorites. Don't let the name freak you out! Casket means box. A "casket" originally referred to a large box for jewelry.

4. Plaster Relief Box- Clearly I'va thing for flowers. ;)

5. Black Lacquer Box with Painted Flowers and Mother of Pearl- Hand-painted, in my favorite shade of black. 

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