Upcycle your gold and silver jewelry- How to reuse and recycle your heirloom metals, diamonds and gemstones

When you stop to consider that gold and silver can be reclaimed and recycled endlessly within the jewelry industry, it adds even more value to your investment.

Recycling these rare precious and metals leaves a 99.8% smaller carbon footprint than mining for new gold, and 86% smaller footprint for silver. That's drastic!

In effort to take a more kindful approach to jewelry making my team and I use 100% recycled gold and silver in all of our cast pieces and we take great effort to reclaim any scrap and gold dust from the bench.

We also offer UPCYCLING! If you have heirloom gold or silver jewelry and gemstones that are collecting dust, (perhaps they need repair, or the style is outdated,) consider giving them new life! It's a great way to maintain your collection all while keeping these precious metals circulating.

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