Zoom KANI Botanicals - Citrine Blossom Neroli Body Butter

KANI Botanicals - Citrine Blossom Neroli Body Butter


This luxurious whipped butter nourishes and hydrates for an instant glowing finish. Infused with jasmine, wild rose, maracuja, manadarin, sea buckthorne & mango for incredibly soft skin.


Mango Butter  –  Creamy moisture booster loaded with vitamin A and C.

Sea Buckthorne Oil – Antioxidant booster containing high amounts of essential fatty acids, carotenes, tocopherols, and phytosterols.

Passion Fruit Oil – Rich in Vitamin C skin strengthener.

Shea Butter – Ultra-nourishing skin softener.


  • Apply sparingly, this stuff is potent and a little goes along way!
  • Smooth onto damp or dry skin.
  • Gently massage in until fully absorbed.
  • Allow skin time to absorb the oils completely.

* Due to the delicate nature of this product we suggest storing it in a cool, dry place to retain the integrity of the formulation.