Metal Options

Sterling Silver:  Sleek, bright, cool, sophisticated. 

925 or Sterling Silver is 92.5% Silver, alloyed with 7.5% copper for added strength. This precious and valuable metal can be distinguished by it’s white/grey appearance and will be marked 925 or Ster for authenticity. It is a durable, affordable option for collectors and unlike cheaper metals like brass and nickel that have been populating the market, sterling silver is hypoallergenic. Keep Sterling Silver jewelry in a dark, dry airtight container when not in use. It will tarnish with exposure to the elements but will easily polish with wear.

Gold: Timeless, old world beauty, warmth.  

A relatively rare precious metal, gold has been valued by cultures for thousands of years. It is an excellent choice for heirloom jewelry, as it maintains it’s value over time. Pure gold is extremely soft and therefore alloyed with other metals to adjust color and add strength and durability. 10k yellow gold is .418 gold alloyed with copper, silver and zinc. 14k yellow gold is .585 gold, copper, silver, and zinc and so forth. Most of our pieces are cast in 10k gold, as it is the most affordable and durable option, but we are able to cast in higher karats in yellow, white, rose and even green gold.

-Yellow Gold is distinctively classic and timeless. Choose Rose gold for something unique and unexpected.  The higher the karat the more notable the golden color. 

Don't see the metal you are looking for? Beyond our current offerings we are happy to work with you in your preferred choice of metal. Email us to inquire!