Zoom MONSTERA Earring Studs - Vermeil
Zoom MONSTERA Earring Studs - Vermeil

MONSTERA Earring Studs - Vermeil

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Jungly monstera leaves.

Earrings measure approximately 8mm x 15mm.

Hand-carved and cast in Sterling Silver with a heavy coat of 14K Gold.

About Vermeil - (pronounced vermay) is a very thick coating of gold, (in our case 14k,)  over a solid sterling silver base. It is distinguished from lower quality gold plated jewelry in that it requires a sterling silver base, not brass or cheap metal, and must be 2.5 microns thick.  To the naked eye it looks like solid gold and is a much more affordable option! Vermeil does require special care to extend the life of the gold overlay, and over time may develop a natural patina exposing the sterling silver beneath, especially on heavily worn pieces like rings and bracelets. Vermeil pieces may be recoated with gold for a fee.  Remove gold vermeil jewelry when washing hands and showering, applying perfumes and lotions, or while using harsh cleaning supplies. To clean, buff with a microfiber or 100% cotton cloth and store in a dry, airtight container when not in use.