My work is inspired by rituals of adornment
celebrating jewelry as more than ornament,
but a vibrant story of how we express
and connect with the spirit of life.

I’m especially drawn to the collectability of jewelry, it’s small and travels well, it tells a story and is connecting. It’s sentimental. It gets passed on through generations and outlives us, and is most often created to commemorate a special event, honor a loved one, and remind us of our unique story. 


I combine techniques of ancient lost wax casting and traditional hand-fabrication methods,  allowing me to create bold, narrative, stand-alone pieces that are flowing, organic and earthy in nature. From beginning design to completion, each piece may take several days to months to finish, and is always tested for comfort and wearability as well as quality and character.  


I work with reclaimed sterling silver and gold and source stones that are natural, post consumer, dead stock, conflict free and/ or mined and cut here in the USA. 


Much of my work is customizable and can be resized or made to order in another size. If you are interested in a one of a kind custom design, click here for more information.