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Ethically Sourced Gemstones

SH gem collection is carefully curated, selecting from small artisan mines dedicated to responsible mining practices and fair wages, providing essential income for these communites. Diamonds are either post-consumer or conflict-free adhering to KP standards. Occasionally I release a collection of curated estate breakout material.

Each piece will highlight individual gem sourcing in the description.

Fairmined Gold

Siri Hansdotter is a certified Fairmined brand.

SH gold is sourced from artisanal and small-scale mining organizations certified to the Fairmined standard. This certification guarantees that the gold has been extracted in harmony with nature, human dignity and sustainable development, contributing to the transformation of lives in these mining communities.

Fairmined gold is gold to be proud of. The Fairmined label assures that gold and associated metals come from leading small-scale mining organizations that act responsibly with their business, people and environment.

Traceability becomes a highlight of the story of your piece. Just as important as knowing who made it is knowing the origins of the materials sourced to make it.

Made to order

Never mass produced.

We keep limited stock on hand and cast to order only using what is needed. That said, you can practice your patience flex and expect a 2-3 week lead time.

Made to last

Cheap jewelry takes a toll on the environment and on your pocket.

SH jewelry is heirloom quality jewelry with a focus on durability and repairability, an investment made to last a lifetime and beyond.

Reimagined Heirlooms

Recycle your outdated jewelry or scrap with Siri's MetamorProject.