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Siri Hansdotter Jewelry is my line of lost wax cast gold and silver heirloom jewelry inspired by rituals of adornment - the act, the art and the meaning of adorning oneself in gold and silver jewelry. 

I started making jewelry full time in 2011 in a makeshift studio on the second floor of a century old water tower overlooking Sonoma County. In 2017 I opened IN THE MAKING in Petaluma California with my friend and studio mate Jennifer Conner of Pennyroyal Design. Together we hand-craft heirloom goods on site and offer a selection of handmade and sustainably made goods.

I am especially drawn to the collectability of jewelry. It not only holds personal and sentimental value, but is also used as currency, traded, gifted and passed from person to person through generations. In this way, our jewelry collection outlives us, simultaneously connecting past and present and future by means of tangible wearable art..   

I hope you enjoy collecting my work as much as I enjoy making it.