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Work with Siri to create a one of a kind heirloom and begin the journey of building your dream collection.

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Frequently asked questions...

How long does a custom project take?

My lead time is typically 4-6 weeks after initial consultation. Expect longer lead times around the holidays, and if you have a deadline don't wait until the last minute to inquire about your project. Send me an email to check current availability and lead times.

What is the investment for custom work?

Depends on the details of your project. Expect to invest about double the price of my stock and made to order jewelry collection.

Can you use my heirloom stones?

Most often yes! I will guide you through this process and let you know if your heirloom stones are a good fit for your project.

Can you melt down my gold ring? It's sentimental.

Yes! I work with a local castor who can incorporate your gold into a custom project.

I want to propose but I don't know their ring size...

This is always a little tricky and requires some creativity. Do you have access to a ring we can compare for sizing? Perhaps a friend might know? If we can at least get close, a small adjustment in size won't be a problem. Consider asking their ring size or involving them in the design process. Some past clients have proposed with a stone or an antique setting to be redesigned.

Do you offer other metal options?

Yes! I am able to cast custom work in most precious metals including silver, gold in all karats and colors, platinum and paladium.

Do you offer a payment plan for custom work?

Yes! Payment for custom projects is divided into three installments.

The first installment is due upon initiation of work, after design and estimate are proposed and confirmed.

The second installment is due before casting the wax design into metal.

And the third installment is due before shipment or pickup of the finished piece.

I live out of state, is it possible to work together?

Of course! Most of my clients are not local. As long as you have access to email and or text correspondence we should get along just great.


“I knew I wanted the jewelry for my wedding to express beauty, strength and authenticity. Siri was the clear choice when it came to creating pieces that would elevate how I felt on such an important day. Siri’s commitment to great design and devotion to craftsmanship is unwavering. What I have now are not just beautiful items-but manifestations of a joyful collaboration with a true artist. I cannot recommend her highly enough”. -Beth

"Working with Siri was an absolute dream. I came to her looking for a unique custom-made piece for my husband. As I am lucky enough to have a couple of items from Siri already, I knew the craftsmanship would be amazing. After having a couple of discussions of what I was thinking and what would be practical, we decided on a sterling silver cuff with a white turquoise stone. Siri sent me a sketch of her idea and updated me on the process the entire way. Once the cuff was finished I was beyond impressed with how it came out. My husband is notoriously difficult to shop for and he loved it! It’s now a nearly every day piece for him to wear and being a musician it fits his look/persona. I would absolutely recommend Siri a million times over. Not only is her work stunning, locally made,  and unique… Siri herself is a thoughtful, wonderful artist and kind human." -Janis B.

"Siri Hansdotter's pieces are my most treasured jewelry, not just because they are expertly hewn, or exceptionally stylish, I love them because each piece has a potency and magic that feels like a personal talisman." -Christina Rassizi,  creator of Ina Nectar

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